Damon Hack - March 1, 2012


Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Damon Hack is in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida this week for The Honda Classic. The perception of the relationship between Tiger and the media over the last two years is that it is still evolving. Tiger has always wanted to control the message even long before late 2009 but as seen by some tough follow-up questions, the relationship is still evolving and it is also well-known that Tiger does not enjoy the News Conference atmosphere.

Tiger Woods is someone who can take motivation from anything and anyone so he would not be surprised if Alex Miceli as well as others in the media serve to motivate Tiger in his performance this week at PGA National.

After Tiger, the person with the most traction in the digital world in golf is Michelle Wie. People beyond golf fans care about Michelle whether she is winning or she is struggling. Phil Mickelson is also among the top players that people are interested in and despite all that has happened, John Daly is among those top names as well.

When it comes to getting back stories on international players like Ryo Ishikawa, Ai Miyazato, and Sang-Moon Bae, he as well as many other media members in the United States rely on their colleagues overseas to get information. Because the game is so global, you have to pay attention to the websites of all tours around the world and also keep track of what is being written about them on their respective tours on their respective continents.

Tiger & Phil head-to-head is still the dream story among many in the media today and we got a taste of it during the final round at Pebble Beach. There is something compelling about old rivals meeting face-to-face and as they continue to pursue their own respective records in their careers, Tiger & Phil will continue to be compared and paired together as rivals.