Damon Hack - September 19, 2012


Golf Channel Insider Damon Hack is in Atlanta, Georgia this week for the Tour Championship. We have seen a lot of Rory and Tiger during the FedExCup Playoffs and that has been great for golf and Hack feels that this enthusiasm and buzz can carry over into 2013 as long as both of them continue to play for the rest of this year and into 2013. You know that both of them will be favorites at Augusta National in April but in order to maintain interest, they need to keep winning and playing well.

The fact that Rory has won 3 of his last 4 starts, has won his 2 Majors by 8 strokes each, and hits the ball a long way brings a lot of comparisons with Tiger Woods. Tiger did many of the same things at Rory’s age and it is entirely possible that Rory has inspired Tiger because he sees a lot of himself in McIlroy.

Looking ahead 20 years, Hack feels that the players will have a lot to do with how people view the FedExCup. While Hack does not believe that winning the FedExCup will reach the level of winning a Major or even winning a WGC event, he can see the FedExCup being a contributing factor when determining whether or not someone should be elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. It certainly does not hurt that the early winners have included players like Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh.