Dan Jansen - July 26, 2012


Dan Jansen won a Gold Medal for the U.S. in the 1994 Winter Olympics in Speed Skating and while playing in the American Century Championship last week in Lake Tahoe, he sat down with Golf Channel Contributor Annika Sorenstam. Jansen competed in four Olympics in Speed Skating but it took a long time before he finally won the Gold Medal. Jansen said that he remembers every moment of that race and the first thing he felt was relief. He had worked very hard to try to win the Gold and it was an amazing moment to finally achieve that goal.

When he was standing on the podium to receive the Gold Medal, it felt different than all of the other times that he had stood on the podium because he was finally in that place. Listening to the National Anthem being played, he thought about his sister and broke down in tears as he was overcome by the moment.

The Dan Jansen Foundation works to find a cure for leukemia. DJFoundation.org has done a lot of work to raise money for a cure but also to raise money for families with loved ones who are struggling with this terrible disease. His foundation works to help reduce the expenses of those who are seeking treatment and he is happy to say that they have been able to help many people.

His wife Karen is an LPGA Teaching Professional and she is always giving him lessons on the course. In fact, she gave him a lesson when they first met. They play golf together all the time and he is very happy to receive lessons from her on the range or on the course. He is the kind of person who likes to know exactly why he is doing something right or wrong and Karen is more than willing to bring out the video camera to show him.