Dario Franchitti - March 19, 2012


Dario Franchitti is a 2-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 and is an auto racing analyst for NBC Sports. Although he is from Scotland, he does not play golf and is actually not allowed to play because of all of the dangerous activity he has participated in with auto racing. A few years, he broke his back and following surgery his doctor said that he could not play golf which was not too bad because he was not a very good player anyway.

While it is great to see his wife Ashley Judd’s alma mater Kentucky doing well in the NCAA Tournament, his focus right now is the start of the IndyCar season. Because he will be driving a new car with new specs under new regulations, the offseason has been busy for him and his team and he is hopeful that their preparations have gone well and that they go on to have success this season.

The main difference between driving in NASCAR and open-air IndyCar is the skill set required. It feels different to drive one car vs. another and you have to ride under different regulations in both as well.