Darren Rovell - March 26, 2012


Darren Rovell is a Sports Business Reporter for CNBC and is also the host of “CNBC SportsBiz: Game On” on the NBC Sports Network which airs Fridays at 7PM ET. The business impact of Tiger’s win on the sports impact is likely to be strong. People have never stopped rooting for Tiger to win no matter what he was going through in his personal life and no matter what the pundits were saying. The fact is, people were watching golf yesterday as Tiger charged to victory and that is great for golf.

It is amazing when you see more images of Lucas Glover than Tiger Woods on the Nike website but now that Tiger has won again on the PGA TOUR, Nike needs to be ready to adjust its campaign to return Tiger to front and center in its promotion. One of Nike’s weaknesses is that they do not mobilize well or quickly but with everything that is happening, they need to have something ready.

There is a great chance that the 2012 Masters could be among the most exciting events in all of sports not just golf. In Las Vegas, insiders have said that there has never been more excitement about betting on golf tournaments. It is great that in golf, you not only have the Tiger Woods factor which attracts many people outside golf but you also have many other compelling figures who excite people within the game and could excite people outside of it as well.

When it comes to the next big marketing figure in golf, he is unsure that Rory McIlroy is necessarily the next one although we all know that he has the skill and potential. He thinks that many people are still rooting and hoping that Rickie Fowler is able to break through and finally win on the PGA TOUR.

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