Dave Phillips - October 12, 2012


Dave Phillips is the co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute. There is so much more information on fitness that is available today to the average golfer as well as the professional golfer and golfers of all levels are taking advantage. They are not only discovering the importance of staying fit, they are also discovering ways to accomplish those goals.

Everyone should have a physical assessment before attempting a physical fitness program. Just because a program works for one person does not mean that it will work for someone else. Staying beach fit is very different from staying golf fit.

Professional golfers train every day and while most amateur golfers do not and will not have the chance to exercise that often, there are many different things that one can do to improve your fitness and your health. Simply getting up and moving around a few times per day helps one’s fitness for example. If you are interested in joining a gym, you should work with a trainer who will be able to customize an exercise program just for you instead of simply starting to lift weights.