David Feherty - April 9, 2012


Golf Channel Contributor David Feherty was the announcer on hole number 15 during the broadcast of the 76th Masters Tournament. One of the reasons that he wanted to interview Bubba Watson for his show is the fact that he initially had an allergic reaction to the media and especially on-course commentators. Feherty is amazed at how he has grown in that respect and he is actually in Orlando on Monday to record some new material for a re-broadcast of his interview with Bubba which airs tonight at 8PM ET on Golf Channel.

Bubba is certainly an eccentric and that there is a bit of little boy in him who needs to be taken care of and his wife Angie certainly fills that role. It is refreshing to see someone who does not care about what swing coaches or anyone else has to say because he has the talent and the imagination to know how to swing and how to hit the ball in a certain situation. He is able to mold himself to a course the way a comedian molds himself to an audience.

Sergio Garcia finished T12 in The Masters but commented that he does not feel he has any hope of winning a Major in the future. He had not heard the entire comment from Sergio but he knows that Sergio has a history of allowing a moment to take over his thoughts. He is a great kid who sometimes trips over himself in comments so he does not take much stock in what he said last weekend. Feherty believes that Garcia will win a Major one day.

Westwood finished tied for 3rd and he is a tough, working class guy who will take this on the chin but move on. He may be one of those players who is one of the best in the world but never wins a Major Championship just as a great quarterback will sometimes never win a Super Bowl in his career.

Looking at Tiger Woods after The Masters, Feherty first noted that he is the biggest Tiger fan in the world and then said that he hopes Tiger will just get rid of all of the people who are telling him what to do with his life and his golf game. As an addict, he understands the idea of confusing fun with happiness and he thinks that Tiger has this problem in his golf life. You have the right priorities and sometimes you have to just go out and play like you were a little kid again. Golf is too much work and not enough fun for Tiger and that needs to change.