David Feherty - July 4, 2012


David Feherty was born in Northern Ireland but became an American citizen in February 2010. After not being born in the United States and becoming a citizen, it becomes a question of where you have been before you came to the United States. He has lived on four different continents in his life and he has found that in the United States, if you are willing to work hard and do things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do, you will at the very least have a great chance to be successful regardless of race, color, or creed and that opportunity does not exist anywhere else in the world.

He did a special Independence Day edition of Feherty and during that special, he was convinced by Dan Rooney to go up in a fighter jet. At first, he did not want to but he ultimately did go up and was told not to touch anything yellow because that would eject him from the plane. It has been very inspiring to watch what Dan Rooney has done with Patriot Golf Day and how Rooney has been able to attract some big names from the worlds of sports and entertainment to play golf for a wonderful cause. Most of the show was done in an airplane hangar and he interviewed Rickie Fowler and Gary Woodland as well as other participants on that very special day. Of all of the shows he has done, he feels that the Independence Day show is his favorite.

After watching Tiger Woods last weekend at Congressional, he feels that the strongest part of his game has been and continues to be his will. Watching the putt that he made for par at 17, he could tell that Tiger was going to win that tournament come hell or high water and that is what we used to see for many years with him. Reading articles about whether or not Tiger will ever be “back,” he finds it to be a silly question because he does not think it is possible for Tiger Woods or anyone else to get back to the level he was in 2000. But in any sense, it was great to see Tiger play so well at Congressional and remind everyone who he is.