David Feherty - June 16, 2012


Golf Channel Contributor David Feherty is in San Francisco, CA for the 112th U.S. Open Championship. He feels that The Olympic Club is the best U.S. Open test that he has ever seen because the course demands everything from player and on top of that, there are very few even lies on the course and the greens are incredibly small. The USGA has said for many years that the U.S. Open was the ultimate test and that is absolutely true at The Olympic Club.

Rory McIlroy missed the cut in his title defense and Feherty theorized that everyone suffers from Tiger Woods Syndrome at some point in that they become overwhelmed by expectations that they must play well every week and never have an off week because it seemed as though when he was at his best, Tiger Woods played well every week and an off week was a top 10 finish.

Tiger Woods did a news conference yesterday after his round and Feherty said that he feels sorry for him because no matter what he shoots, Tiger must do a news conference and it seems like he has done one for every round he has ever played since he turned pro in 1996. There are times when he will write translations for the measured answers that he gives to members of the media and he enjoys thinking about what Tiger is actually saying at those times.

Graeme McDowell won the 2010 U.S. Open and while it is definitely possible for him to win this year, it is all dependent on Tiger Woods and how he plays. In the past, when Tiger Woods is playing well he is absolutely unbeatable. Heck, Tiger has shown that he is almost unbeatable when he is not playing his best. McDowell grew up playing courses like Royal Portrush that are similar to The Olympic Club in that they are narrow off the tee and do not have many if any even lies in the fairways. If Tiger Woods is not at his best this weekend, McDowell definitely has a good chance to win this year.