David Feherty - June 17, 2012


The winds are blowing stronger than they did on Saturday and they are also blowing in a different direction. It is going to be a difficult day on Sunday not only because of the winds but also because of the cooler weather and many pin positions that are within four paces of the edge of a green. All things considered, he thinks that Lee Westwood is a good pick to win because he is playing so well and because he deserves his first Major although he added that Raphael Jacquelin would be a good pick as well.

Graeme McDowell has been able to re-dedicate himself to his game and he is also one of the fan favorites because he has such a great personality and he has really endeared himself to the fans at The Olympic Club. McDowell is a great pick to win as well but with the conditions a player as far back as +6 could win if they can post a low number.

Tiger Woods has been incredibly patient this week but everyone knows that he intensely wants to earn a 15th Major Championship win. When he watches Tiger during his news conferences, Feherty said that he can how frustrated he is with the questions and how frustrated he is that he has to answer the same questions every single day. While Tiger gives the same answers to the same questions each day, Feherty hoped that one day Tiger would give odd answers just to change the atmosphere.

Beau Hossler is just 17-years-old and he has said that he thinks he can win the U.S. Open. Feherty thinks that it could happen but he does not think it will happen. Hossler is a great story and he has been able to build his confidence this week but while he hopes he plays well, he does not believe that he will win and joked that an increase in confidence is that warm and fuzzy feeling you get right before you get knocked on your rear end.