David Feherty - May 13, 2012


When looking at Kevin Na and what he is doing with his routine, Feherty said that he has something called “lawnmower syndrome” in that Na needs several tries to get his swing going. It is a remarkable achievement that he is able to accomplish anything with his routine and we have seen other players including Sergio Garcia, Mark James, and Bernhard Langer have similar struggles.

Matt Kuchar will be playing with Kevin Na in the final round of THE PLAYERS and Feherty said that Na’s routine will certainly not help Kuchar but Kuchar is also a nice person. Kevin Na is a slow player but he is genuinely apologetic for it so Feherty would not be surprised to see Kuchar easily get past the routine and go about his business without letting anything bother him. But there will also be a number of players outside of the final pair who can contend on Sunday because the course is very tough.

Rickie Fowler represents everything that is good about golf right now. Fowler has the complete package in that he is not only a great player but he is also a nice person who plays the whole game of golf. In other words, he is not only a champion on the course but he is also a champion off the course in how he treats other people and how he deals with the media and the fans.

His old coach Bob Torrance told him that if you do not have your game on Thursday, you are not going to have it on Friday. He finds it very interesting that Tiger is still looking at video and still working with Sean Foley on the technical aspects of his game. More than anything else, he wishes that Tiger would just leave the practice range with his clubs and golf balls and just go play golf instead of spending what seems to be endless amounts of time tinkering with his golf swing with Sean Foley.