David Feherty - May 21, 2012


He said that he is not sure whether or not anyone should be surprised to see Dufner play so well this year since he lost in a playoff for the 2011 PGA Championship. His seemingly relaxed demeanor makes everyone else on the course look as nervous as cats by comparison. The difference in demeanor may be a big reason why many people do not look at Dufner as a contender in the same way that they look at other players of comparable ability and success.

Dicky Pride, who last won on the PGA TOUR in 1994, finished runner-up and earned more last week than he had in any single season of his whole career. The success of players like Pride, Joe Durant, and Rich Beem last week shows how strong the PGA TOUR is. Those three players are all past champions who do not get to play very much on the PGA TOUR but when they do, they are good enough to contend alongside the best players in the world. Since they are close to 50, they have a lot  to look forward to on the Champions Tour.

When it comes to slow play on the PGA TOUR, Feherty said that the only way to truly deal with the problem is to start giving out on-course penalties to players instead of fines. There is so much money on the PGA TOUR that money is no longer a deterrent for slow play. If you penalize strokes for slow play, you will get their attention. The PGA TOUR has the best officials in the world and while there are certainly times when you may not want to penalize someone, you have to if you are ever going to make things better.

He found Donald Trump to be a lot of fun when he interviewed him for his show. Trump is someone who does not take himself seriously and is very proud of his properties and his golf courses. Considering the fact that one of his courses will host the 2017 U.S. Open, Trump should be very proud of his courses. The interview was held at Trump’s New York apartment and his place is amazing to put it simply. His interview with Donald Trump airs tonight at 10PM ET on Golf Channel.