David Feherty - September 7, 2012


Tiger and Rory seem to have a great respect and affinity towards one another and this is different from the relationships that Tiger has with other players that he competes against. The fact is that Rory is such a great person with so much talent that you cannot help but like him. Also, whenever you win two Majors by 8 strokes each you will earn a great deal of respect from your peers. Feherty wondered if it were possible that Tiger looks at Rory and sees that he is someone that he wishes he were back when he was 23 years old.

Tiger and Rory conducted their post-round interview together which was a bit unusual. There are only two reasons why this happened: either the show producer was running out of time and he needed to interview both players in a short period of time or they just are really comfortable around each other. Rory McIlroy and other young players who have grown up watching Tiger now go to the course not only with the hope of winning but also the expectation of winning which is very different from generations past.