David L. Brown - June 28, 2012


David L. Brown is the Chairman, President, & CEO of Web.com which officially replaced Nationwide Insurance as the title sponsor of the Nationwide Tour on Wednesday. The company determined that the title sponsorship for the Web.com Tour was determined to be the best way to promote themselves to the most people. They as well as most people in the United States view the PGA TOUR as something positive and they want to be a part of something like this on a year-round basis. The company considered sponsoring a PGA TOUR event but they felt it would be better for everyone involved if they could sponsor a year-round tour. Web.com is a great company and they are here to help small businesses and by sponsoring the Web.com Tour they feel that they are able to get the word out to many people all over the country.

He had the chance to meet all of the tournament directors for the Web.com Tour events and they have already begun discussions about ways to improve tournament websites as well as social media strategies which will ultimately lead to more awareness among the public which will lead to more money raised for local charities.