Dottie Pepper - October 15, 2012


Last weekend, longtime LPGA Tour Rules Official Doug Brecht passed away after a battle with the West Nile Virus. Pepper said that as an official for 22 years, he had truly become a member of the LPGA Tour family and she remembered him all the way back to her rookie year on the LPGA Tour. He took his job very seriously and was always firm but fair. Whenever he had to give a ruling, there was not a single player who ever felt that he was anything but fair.

There was a peacefulness about Brecht in everything he did and some of that may have come from the fact that he was not only getting to do something that he loved to do but also because he had had some serious health issues even prior to the West Nile Virus. Brecht had undergone a kidney transplant and the treatment involved with such a procedure significantly weakened his immune system. When you are touring as an athlete or a member of the media, you become very close with the people you work with and she was close with Brecht first as a player and then as a media member.

Brecht made news earlier this year when he assessed Morgan Pressel a slow play penalty during the Sybase Match Play Championship. As he always did, he was fair and professional in his ruling and the LPGA Tour was very lucky to have someone like Brecht in the family.