Erik Compton - March 12, 2012


2012 PGA TOUR rookie Erik Compton, who is a two-time heart transplant recipient, is hosting the Erik Compton Golf Classic today in Coral Gables, Florida which raises money for the Transplant Foundation which provides services for organ transplant recipients and their families. The event, which is at the Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club, has been played for a number of years and it is great this year to have some great names like Rickie Fowler to be playing this year to help raise money. The money raised today will go towards research as well as support for the transplant recipients and their families.

Jarrod Lyle’s story is eerily similar to his in that his own wife gave birth to their first child around the time of his second heart transplant. Jarrod is a great guy with a great attitude and the news that his leukemia returned is devastating to him. He understands what Jarrod is going through but he does not feel he needs to offer Jarrod much advice. When he was recovering from his second heart transplant, seeing his wife and first child was a huge boost for him and he knows that that will be the same for Jarrod.

With his condition, he is very lucky to have done as well as he has with a second heart transplant but the medications that he takes lower his immune system. He has gotten sick with some colds this year simply because he travels so much but he always has to be careful with how he spends his time practicing and preparing because his immune system is more fragile.

When he plays in Pro-Am events, he really enjoys spending time with the amateurs and he hopes that he is able to help them have a great day and a great experience. He enjoys giving tips on the course but he tries not to give tips that will negatively impact their pro-am experience. It is great to be a part of those events because you get a chance to meet some interesting people.