Erik Compton - May 16, 2012


2012 PGA TOUR Rookie Erik Compton, who is also a 2-time Heart Transplant recipient, is teaming up with Donate Life America to raise awareness about becoming an organ donor. He said that it feels very interesting to be a 32-year-old rookie on the PGA TOUR and that it has been a great year. It is wonderful feeling to have finally earned a PGA TOUR card and being able to play as a PGA TOUR member.

His interest in organ donation began when he was very young and underwent his first heart transplant. Being an organ donor is literally giving new life to people and especially because his life has been touched so significantly by organ donors, he felt that it was very important to be involved in making more people aware of being able to give the gift of life to others.

Health-wise, he feels very good right now and being a 2-time Heart Transplant recipient inspires him to be very involved in this cause and his involvement keeps his perspective in the proper place. Golf tournaments are important but organ donation literally involves life and death. When he got his driving license as a teenager, people actually frowned upon his becoming an organ donor until he said that he was heart transplant recipient. For more information, go to