Ernie Els - October 19, 2012


When it comes to what he wants to achieve with Els for Autism, it is something that he and his wife Liezl think about on a daily and even an hourly basis because autism is such a serious condition not only for their own son but also for millions of other children. He is hosting an event in Las Vegas to celebrate the people who have done so much for help Els for Autism this weekend and the plan is to have a lot of fun. It is a chance for everyone involved in this community of people who are fighting against autism to come together and discuss their experiences. Some of the stories that will be told will amaze you and will put everything in perspective.

Els has been amazed for many years at the spirit of the American people when it comes to their passion in searching for cures to diseases and fighting to make not only their own lives better, but also improving the lives of other people. When he decided to create Els for Autism, he knew that he could rely on the support of many people in the United States and they have absolutely supported him in this fight.

He has won the U.S. Open and The Open Championship twice each and he certainly wants to win The Masters and the PGA Championship. Over the past few years, Els has tried to take better care of himself than he has in the past because he wants to be able to compete at the highest level for many more years. He is far from finished in his career and he feels better now than he felt when he was much younger.