Frank Nobilo - March 2, 2012


In reaction to Tiger’s putting performance in the first round, Nobilo advised that Tiger should maybe try to hook his putts because pretty much all of his misses have been to the right. If he can get his putts to hook, at the very least that would give Tiger an idea of where the right path is.

Once again in 2012, Tiger has started off his week hitting the ball well from tee to green and he sees a more stable golf swing than he has seen in a long time. Tiger was hitting the ball a long way for the first time in a while and that was great to see. It seems as though Tiger is almost trying too hard to complete the changes but once he does, everything will fall into place.

The only question that he has about Rory McIlroy and The Masters is the fact that he has not been back to Augusta National since last April. McIlroy is playing so well right now and he looks very comfortable in his own skin and it is tempting to say that he is the favorite for The Masters but he will wait for a bit longer.

Harris English is another one of those tall, strong kids like Gary Woodland and he comes to the PGA TOUR with a stellar amateur career which included a win on the Nationwide Tour. He has all of the tools to succeed and what impresses him the most about English is his demeanor and his composure on the golf course.

2012 looked like a great year back in 2011 and it has been delivering on that promise so far as it seems as though every single week you have more interesting and compelling stories among the various contenders. He looks forward to seeing more of these stories as the year continues.

Nobilo will be involved in Golf Channel’s Spotlight Coverage this weekend of The Bear Trap and he said that this coverage will be a bit of throwback as it is a great opportunity to see more players in the field and to see how The Bear Trap is performing all day long. The coverage will complement NBC’s weekend coverage of the leaders very well. Spotlight Coverage airs on Golf Channel on Saturday and Sunday at 3PM ET.