Fred Albers - May 31, 2012


Fred Albers is a SiriusXM PGA TOUR Network Analyst and is in Dublin, Ohio for the Memorial Tournament. When he has watched Tiger Woods in 2012, he notices that his setup in slightly different and added that it is a misconception that he is having a terrible year. Statistically he is performing very well although he is not performing as well as he has in the past especially with the scoring clubs including his putter. Albers said that Tiger may just need a couple of slight tweaks before he is performing more consistently at the high level where he has performed in the past.

Tiger and his caddie Joe LaCava seem to be still developing their relationship and chemistry on the course. Watching Tiger with Steve Williams, Albers got the impression that they were friends off the course as well as a team on the course. While Tiger and LaCava are clearly a team on the course, he does not know the extent or existence of a relationship off the course.

At the Transitions Championship in March, Albers witnessed a player make an incorrect drop during the tournament but he did not say anything to the rules official. When he asked Jon Brendle about this incident, Brendle told him that it was the obligation of fans and media alike to report rules mistakes in order to protect the field. Brendle was very serious when he said this and added that it is a very serious matter when it comes to protecting the field and the integrity of the competition.