Fred Couples - June 1, 2012


Fred Couples was named the 2013 U.S. Presidents Cup Team Captain earlier this week and will lead the U.S. team for the third consecutive time. The third time being asked to be Captain of the U.S. Presidents Cup team is the most exciting of all especially after the way the U.S. won at Royal Melbourne. This news was kept under wraps for a long time so it feels good to make this public. Nick Price is the International Team Captain and he is very excited to be leading the team in 2013 at Muirfield Village. Couples said that he is looking forward to having Price as his opposing Captain.

He is not sure if he has done anything to make the U.S. team more relaxed or not. What he does know is that the Ryder Cup has so much tradition that inevitably, everyone involved with the events feels more nervous and has more stress. One thing that he has learned over the years is that people tend to perform better when they are happy and relaxed and a way that he gets more relaxed and tried to relax others is by talking about anything other than golf. Any Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup player will tell you that those events are the most stressful of any event all year and if you can find a way to be more relaxed, you try to take advantage of that opportunity.

It can be frustrating at times to be standing on the sidelines watching your team and knowing that you cannot do anything to influence the action once play has begun. As a player, you are nervous for yourself and your teammate but as a Captain you are nervous for all of your players for every minute of the competition. However, one of the joys of being Captain is being able to watch your players perform at their best or if they start slowly, watching them build momentum and excel under pressure.