Fred Couples - October 18, 2011


He enjoyed last week in Texas and he played well and everything in general went as well as it could have which resulted in a big win. He has yet to give his doctor in Germany anything yet but he has recommended the doctor to friends back in the United States. He knows that Vijay Singh went to the same doctor but they have yet to compare their experiences. It is likely that he will return to Germany for more treatment in December or January. In response to Greg Norman’s comments about Tiger, he said that he is the U.S. Captain and he made the choice to pick Tiger. He has no issues with Norman’s comments and the only person who might have an issue with the comments is Tiger. He and Tiger have discussed this on many occasions and Tiger is ready and excited to play. Adam Scott had a horrible record leading into the 2009 Presidents Cup but Norman picked him because he had a feeling. Tiger is a perfect partner for Steve Stricker and he is actually more concerned about Stricker right now than he is about Tiger. Tiger’s record speaks for itself and he is on his team. When he had to tell Keegan that he was not on the team, they spent about 40 minutes on the phone talking about it and Keegan is a classy guy who handled the situation very well. He did not mention to Keegan that he will be on many teams because that is ultimately irrelevant.