Gary Player - March 28, 2012


In his opinion, his greatest achievement in golf was winning the Grand Slam on the Champions Tour and although many might be surprised at that answer, the reason he takes so much pride in that accomplishment is that you have to be over 50 to do that. He has worked very hard his entire life to stay in shape and he still works hard to stay in shape as he did 1,000 sit-ups this morning.

He is not someone who expects to receive awards although he is always very appreciative when someone or an organization wants to give him an award. We all try to contribute to society and make the world a better place for everyone and it is nice to be told that you are doing that when you receive an award.

When he goes to Augusta National, a lot of memories come back to him including his three wins, his 52 starts, the members he has met, and all of the things he has gotten to do over all of these decades. Standing on the first tee as an Honorary Starter will be a very special experience.

He does not watch golf on TV very often but he saw every shot Tiger hit on Sunday at Bay Hill. Golf needs Tiger Woods for many, many reasons and it was so wonderful to see him play great and win again. Many people have said at various times that Tiger would never win again but he has never believed that. He thinks that Tiger will definitely win Majors again.

The fact that Ernie Els is in the position he is in when it comes to not being invited to the 2012 Masters is very surprising. He is a wonderful gentleman and Player knows that Els would say that simply put he should have played better so that he would not be in need of a special invitation. There are two sides to every issue and while it would be nice if Augusta National gave Els an invitation, he also feels as though Els could have played more events during this time which could have put him back into the top 50 in the world.