Gary Williams - March 3, 2012


Morning Drive Co-Host Gary Williams is at PGA National this weekend as a part of Golf Channel’s Spotlight Coverage of The Bear Trap which begins today at 3PM ET. So far, The Bear Trap has played differently this year because all of the holes have been downwind and co-leader Tom Gillis, who lives in the area and plays at PGA National often, says that The Bear Trap is playing as easy as it can play. However, winds can change very quickly and if it does, the difficulty of The Bear Trap can change as well and that is one of the most fascinating things about PGA National.

Jack Nicklaus, who re-designed the course, says that if you are going to win the tournament you have to play well on The Bear Trap and that requires making commitments with your shots despite all of the wind that could be blowing around you. Saturday’s pin placements on The Bear Trap are on the right sides of the greens which puts the water more into play and if you add more wind and more pressure, some interesting things will happen and as we have already seen in 2012 no lead is safe no matter how big it might be.

He spoke to some people who have watched Tiger Woods prepare this week who said that Tiger is not missing any of his shots on the range. If Tiger can go out and shoot a good round early while taking his range game to the course, he will vault up the leaderboard and things will be very interesting for Sunday.

It is a great opportunity to be a part of something special like the Spotlight Coverage of The Bear Trap because it is a great collection of holes with the potential for some great drama – both positive and negative – and he cannot wait to witness and talk about everything that happens today.