Gil Hanse - March 13, 2012


Golf Course Designer Gil Hanse has received two recent design jobs: the 2016 Olympic Golf Course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a redesign of the TPC Blue Monster at Doral which was purchased by Donald Trump. Hanse will be moving to Brazil to work on the Olympic Course which will be an original design.

He said that it has still not sunk in that he has received the job of designing the Olympic Golf Course. Today is the first day that things have gotten relatively back to normal and he has out at Ridgewood Country Club in New Jersey overseeing the redesign of that course.

The projects for the Olympics and for Doral are very different. Donald Trump is overseeing the Doral project and he will be working to restore the work of original designer Dick Wilson on the TPC Blue Monster Course while the Olympic course is an original project. The fact that the Olympic Course is an original design makes it more exciting because it allows him to be more creative.

One of the things that he talked to the Olympic Committee is the importance of their role in setting the stage while the players will provide the drama. The finishing holes are crucial to that drama and if he is able to build a course that will create excitement down the stretch in the Olympics, everyone should benefit.

He and Amy Alcott both understand how golf is not a traditional sport in Brazil and they will work to respect the local communities and will also work to respect the environment in Rio which is very important to the Olympic Committee as well as the local community. He has committed to move to Rio to personally supervise the project and he hopes that the move will inspire trust and confidence in his team.

The biggest concern when it comes to the Olympic Course is unknown at this point because it is so early in the process. His hope is that everyone understands that he and his team are there to do a job and work hard and make everything as great as possible. The unknown is always a scary prospect and there are a lot of unknowns in this project.

He sees the 18th hole on the Olympic Course as one that stands long after the Olympics are over. It is very important that people who play the course in the years ahead be able to say that they played where the Olympic athletes played.