Glenn Weckerlin - December 7, 2011


Weckerlin is the director of corporate programs and partnerships for Chevron. Tiger Woods won the Chevron World Challenge in the final year of Chevron’s sponsorship of the event. Chevron made the decision to not renew the contract to sponsor the event about two months ago well before the event this year. The company re-evaluated the contract as the most recent one came to an end and found that things had changed enough in the last four years to where it would not be a good idea according to their research to renew the contract from a financial standpoint.

Eagles for Education was a very successful program at the Chevron World Challenge this year as almost $500,000 was raised. Zach Johnson’s eagle 2 on the 18th hole on Saturday was the most notable one and it was worth $50,000 for that charity. Johnson even made a comment to promote the charity on NBC’s broadcast following the shot. Overall, the program has raised over $1.2 million for charity in 2011.

The Stem Zone was developed in part after a tour of Golf Channel’s studios. It was a way for kids to go behind the scenes of the Chevron World Challenge to show them from a scientific and technological standpoint what goes into the production and broadcast of a golf tournament. This year, 500-600 kids took the Stem Zone tour at Sherwood Country Club and it was a fun program and a great success.