Governor Nikki Haley - May 17, 2012


Nikki Haley is the 116th Governor of the State of South Carolina. In her last appearance on Morning Drive, she promised that The Heritage would find a new sponsor and within months RBC signed on. Golf is so important to the state of South Carolina and there are so many people and companies in the state who understand the importance of coming together to support the state and to ultimately support each other. The BMW Charity Pro-Am will be yet another example of how proud South Carolina is to be hosting great golf for all to see either in person or on television.

The Governor said that they are making golf even more important to South Carolina than it already was. Not only is it a recreational sport, it is also a corporate sport where people and companies can meet and network over a round of golf and those rounds support courses, hotels, and restaurants and that support in turn creates a great number of jobs for residents of South Carolina.

The PGA Championship at Kiawah Island will be a sold out event and it will give South Carolina a lot of positive press and that those record sales and record numbers of people will give a huge economic boost to the state of South Carolina. The state of South Carolina is thrilled that the PGA of America really wants to be at Kiawah Island and really wants to work with the state to make the event as successful as possible including improving roads and transportation. The only real concern that she has about the PGA Championship is the weather and of course, no one can control the weather.