Graeme McDowell - November 18, 2011


McDowell is in Japan for the Dunlop Phoenix and has been enjoying the Miyazaki beef all week long. The atmosphere of the crucial match in a Cup competition is the ultimate of the ultimate because the Ryder Cup itself with all of the national pride involved is intense enough. He and Poulter played together in a match in the 2008 Ryder Cup which they won and that was one of the most incredible and pressure-packed moments of his career as they matched birdie with birdie repeatedly. He does not know what the Presidents Cup experience feels like in comparison with the Ryder Cup.

After an unbelievable 2010, 2011 has been difficult. The equipment changes have been one of the most minor changes but the reasons for the difficulty have involved the changes in his life since he won the 2010 U.S. Open as well as going through some swing changes. He has never been able to get any momentum this year and once he started hitting bad shots and bad putts, he had trouble breaking out of that rut. Comparing the two seasons, he has notably underperformed on the greens from 15-20 feet and has put increased pressure on many parts of his game.

Looking ahead to 2012, he feels that Sergio Garcia is someone who Europe needs on their Ryder Cup team and he is very happy to see him play well this year. He is incredibly passionate and is a great team presence. He feels that he would have to play pretty badly in 2012 not to be on the team at Medinah.

He has a new GMac app on iTunes and is available for download. He will have an instructional section and the app will be able to give fans a real look into what life is like inside and outside the ropes.