Graham Rahal - September 6, 2012


Graham Rahal is an IndyCar driver on the Izod IndyCar Series and is also the son of legendary IndyCar driver Bobby Rahal. He plays regularly out at Crooked Stick and was scheduled to take part in an event on the course this week but it was cancelled due to rain in the area. He is looking forward to going out and watching some golf today.

He can certainly play and is around a single digit handicap although he does not get to play as often as he would like. When he is on the road and if there is a golf course nearby the track, he and others try to go over and practice or play if they have some free moments.

The PGA TOUR is returning to Indiana for the first time since 1991 and he has been amazed to see how packed all of the parking lots have been and how many people are out at the course. While Indianapolis is known more for college sports and racing, the city has a lot of big sports fans and they love big events like the BMW Championship.

When he was growing up, Tiger and Phil were the top 2 players in the world and while he is happy to see Rory McIlroy succeeding, he wants to see Tiger Woods win again and often because he inspires passion among fans that he has not seen with anyone else. He played in the pro-am in The Honda Classic this year and he recalls being told that when Tiger Woods committed to play, interest in the event in terms of ticket sales, media requests, and various sponsorships tripled.