Greg Lyman - December 2, 2011


Lyman said the most important initiative of the GCSAA in 2012 is continuing to focus on water conservation as well as the protection of water resources on golf courses. That will be something that all of the members of the GCSAA will focus on at their respective golf courses. The GCSAA is in a strong position to help protect these resources but there is a lot of work to do.

Responding to the negative perceptions that still exist with golf courses, Lyman said that the GCSAA has to better understand what exactly it is that they do in helping to improve the care of and the environment around golf courses and then figuring out how best to communicate those feelings and those messages. He gave an analogy comparing golf to fishing in understanding how the environment can impact that activity. Cleaner water keeps the fish alive and allows people to continue to fish. The GCSAA seeks to manage these resources as effectively as possible.