Greg Maddux - October 14, 2011


He and Butch Harmon started a celebrity tournament about 10 years ago and they are holding this event to raise money for his hometown of Las Vegas. Back when he was with the Atlanta Braves, he played a lot of golf with teammates John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Steve Avery. Smoltz was his favorite teammate because he always organized golf outings down to the last detail when the Braves were on the road. Also, he thinks Smoltz is the best golfer among former baseball players. He is rooting for the Texas Rangers to win the World Series for a number of reasons including the fact that his brother Mike is their pitching coach. Detroit’s Justin Verlander is having an amazing season and while he is the hands down favorite for the Cy Young Award, he has done so well this year that he could very well be MVP. He currently works for the Front Office with the Chicago Cubs and he is very excited to see what new GM Theo Epstein can do after helping the Boston Red Sox to two titles. When it comes to his golf game, he is streaky in every regard but he still enjoys playing golf. He loves to get out of the house and play some fast rounds with some good friends.