Greg Norman - December 1, 2011


Greg Norman will appear on Wheel of Fortune for its golf-themed week from Sandals Resorts and he said that it was a no-brainer to do and was a lot of fun to get to work with Pat Sajak and Vanna White. It was also great to give the Resort a lot of exposure.

He captained the International team for the Presidents Cup in Australia but his team lost 19-15. He thought that the event went unbelievably well in a lot of ways but one of the more difficult aspects of the team part was the fact that there were so many cultures involved and foursomes was particularly difficult because certain players automatically defer to the elder person in a group no matter what. The international team has always had problems with the foursomes format and they were unable to improve on the record this year. A lot of people have made something out of his “rip the heart out” comment but that was only one example of how he has always conducted himself in trying to motivate himself to win. Everyone on the team was excited and happy to be a part of the experience.

Having four Captain’s picks is very important to the goal of building the best team possible in order to contend against the U.S. team. This year, he had to leave a number of great players like Oosthuizen and Vijay off the team because he had only two Captain’s Picks.

One of his Captain’s Picks, Robert Allenby, went 0-4-0 and had some negative comments about his teammates. He is both amused and disappointed by the entire thing because he feels that you have to play the Presidents Cup as a team where if you win, you all win and if you lose, you all lose. He believes that the people who Allenby criticized are hurt by this and that is unfortunately.

He and Tiger did not spend any time talking to him privately during the Presidents Cup. He congratulated Tiger after the U.S. team won but there was no conversation and he does not feel that there has been any improvement in their relationship.

Franklin Templeton has become the new sponsor of the Shark Shootout next week in Naples and he is very excited to have the sponsor back again and is very impressed with the quality of the field this year. He is very proud of the fact that this tournament is played on such a great course like Tiburon in Naples and feels that the event will have a great feel this year as there are a lot of players who enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the format. He is looking forward to playing next week and feels that he played well when he was in Australia for the Australian Open and the Australian PGA.