Greg Norman - December 5, 2012


When asked about the proposed anchoring ban from the USGA and the R&A, the one thing that he remembered noticing when he saw the long putter was that those players would use those putters when taking relief from a hazard. Most players would use their drivers but the long putter gave certain players about 4-6 more inches which could be very significant in very key moments. The biggest advantage that a player gains with a long putter could well be those extra few inches when taking a drop from a hazard.

He sees nothing wrong with bifurcation of the rules when it comes to establishing rules for professionals and amateurs. The experience of playing golf is very different from professionals than it is for amateurs in many ways although there are also many similarities. He doubts that the ruling bodies will even consider bifurcation on this or any other rule during this 90-day period following the ban proposal and he also thinks that the ruling bodies will wait those 90 days and then say that they are going to stay with the original language of the proposal.

On the question of practicing with one kind of putter but competing with another kind of putter as Adam Scott is doing in the Emirates Australian Open, Norman said that he would spend plenty of time practicing with a new club or new ball away from competition although he would not do that during tournament week before adding that all players are different.

Norman is very optimistic about Adam Scott for the 2013 season and beyond because he sees that Scott’s attitude and game are more stable than they have ever been and he also thinks that Scott has been able to take a lot of positives from the negative experience that he had when he stumbled in the final round of the Open Championship. It is so easy to take negatives from a negative experience but if you can take away positives as Adam has been able to do, you gain strength and confidence for the future.

The greatest thing about fathers and sons in the game of golf is the bond that forms on the golf course. While he was not able to form a great bond with his father on the golf course, he has been able to do so with his own son and the moments that a father and son spend together on the golf course are absolutely priceless. Norman added that he is very fortunate to have had lots of great experiences with his son off the course as well.