Greg Norman - June 25, 2012


World Golf Hall of Fame Member Greg Norman is making his first Champions Tour appearance since 2009 in the Constellation Senior Players Championship. Norman joined Morning Drive from the locker room of Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida. When asked about his physical condition, Norman said he is feeling about as good as he has ever felt. He underwent shoulder surgery about 15 months ago and it has taken that long to get back to competitive shape. He is practicing more often although he still does not practice that much but he is enjoying getting back on the course and is excited about going to Pittsburgh this week.

Marc Leishman won the Travelers Championship this week and that accomplishment is a big deal back in his home country of Australia. We have seen how well Leishman can play in the past on the Nationwide Tour and on the PGA TOUR as he was Rookie of the Year in 2009. Norman said that he left Leishman a message this morning to offer his congratulations and he hopes to speak with Leishman later today.

When asked about future tournaments, Norman said that people should not expect him to play tournaments very often as his business interests take up the large majority of his time. This year, he will play the Senior Open Championship, the Omega European Masters in Switzerland on the European Tour, and his own Shark Shootout in Florida in December. Although it is possible that he will add a couple of events to his schedule this year, it is likely that he will play just four events this year with the Constellation Senior Players Championship being the first of those events.

Webb Simpson’s ability to maintain his composure while under a great amount of pressure in the final round of the U.S. Open is what impressed him the most. Simpson is one of many young American players who have the ability to go out and win Major Championships and he thinks that Simpson will have great success in the future. The Olympic Club was a true example of a U.S. Open test and he was very impressed with how the USGA set up the course this year.

When he founded Medalist Golf Club, he built the golf club for a small membership of 250 members who would all be great players. Norman intended the club to be a place where he could practice and prepare for big tournaments without being bothered and the members respected Norman’s wishes. Today, there are many PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour players who are members at Medalist who are able to enjoy the same benefits that he has enjoyed over the years because  the members of Medalist are so respectful of their wishes.

Lee Westwood is moving to Florida permanently at the end of 2012 and Norman said that the main reason to live in South Florida is because the weather is so great all year long but he also added that the camaraderie among the players as well as among the local clubs is so strong. Medalist, The Bear’s Club, Old Palm, and the numerous other courses are all great places to live, practice, and play and everyone gets along very well.