Greg Sands and Bryce Wallor - October 26, 2011


Sands is the Head Coach for the Men’s Golf Team at Texas Tech while Wallor is the Head Coach for the Men’s Golf Team at UCF. The two schools hosted the Isleworth Collegiate Invitational this week. Wallor feels that over the last decade, the biggest change he has seen in players is their readiness to compete thanks to the increased number of junior tournaments, improved conditioning and fitness, and better technology. Wallor feels that if a member of his team were invited to a PGA TOUR event the same week as a college event, he would let that player participate in the PGA TOUR event and Sands agreed. Sands said it would be a great opportunity for that player. Sands feels that his Texas Tech team is good enough to compete with fellow Big 12 schools Oklahoma State and University of Texas. Texas is only going to get better with the presence of freshman Jordan Spieth. Wallor feels that if he could have anyone on his team, it would be Patrick Cantlay while Sands would have Jordan Spieth. When it comes to anchored putters, Wallor is seeing more players at least try it if not actually put it into the bag. He has had players make requests and he has helped them with trying those putters. Sands said that he is seeing a lot of players at collegiate events using the anchored putter. Sands has had the chance to go hunting with former Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight and he had a great time. Knight definitely has his opinions but while he is a bit misunderstood, he is a good guy. Wallor said that the biggest impact of the realignment of conferences in the NCAA would be scheduling.