Hannah Clark - June 27, 2012


Hannah Clark is a rising high school senior and has been involved with the Washington, D.C. chapter of The First Tee for the last three years. She was introduced to the game of golf through The First Tee and she has gone from being uncertain about golf to truly enjoying the game. She said that her golf game has improved a lot this spring especially because she has had more time to practice and the more time she has been able to put into the game, the more she has gotten out of it.

Golf is a very mental game and she has learned a number of lessons including how important it is to set reasonable expectations for yourself while at the same time constantly striving to improve. Also, she has found that it is as true in golf as in life that the more effort you put into something, the more you get out of it.

She is home schooled and as a result she actually has more time to practice because her schedule is more flexible. During the school year, she has been able to go down to the East Potomac Golf Course about three times a week to hit balls and work on her short game and as a result her game has improved significantly.