Helio Castroneves - October 15, 2012


Helio Castroneves is a 3-time Indianapolis 500 Champion (2001, 2002, 2009). He joined Morning Drive from Fort Lauderdale, FL and said that now that he has been voted off of “Dancing With The Stars,” he has some more time to practice his golf game more. He said that he plays a little bit of golf but would like to play more.

When asked about driving 200 mph in an IndyCar race and trying to keep his focus, Castroneves said that the helmet blocks out all exterior sound but that he also depends on his team to tell him information about the wind and about the track so that he can navigate the race to the best of his ability. In that sense, racing is similar to golf in that you have to navigate the elements of your surroundings in order to maximize your success.

He admitted that it is a challenge to grow his sport especially because people cannot simply get into a car and drive 200 mph around the track. But he did say that there are ways for people – especially younger people – to get an idea of what it is like to race fast by driving in go-karts. Many professional race car drivers got their start that way and he also added that people should not try to get their need for speed by driving over 100 mph on the expressway not only because of the speed laws but also because it is so dangerous.