Hunter Hamrick - June 8, 2012


Hunter Hamrick was a member of the 2012 University of Alabama golf team that finished runner-up to the University of Texas in the NCAA Men’s Golf Championship. He has graduated from Alabama and will make his professional debut in the U.S. Open next week. Hamrick said that he has had quite a week with finishing up college, playing in the finals of the NCAA Championship, and now living the dream of turning professional and playing in the U.S. Open next week.

Some of the more high profile college golfers have agents following them starting in high school but if you are on a prominent college team, you will have agents following you at some point. He has certainly had agents following him as he was a member of Alabama’s golf team.

It was a great experience to play Riviera Country Club last week as it was a tough but fair test of golf and he has experience playing The Olympic Club from playing in the 2004 U.S. Junior Amateur. Being from Montgomery, Alabama, it will be a little weird being in California where they do not have Chick-Fil-A but he has a feeling he will handle it well.

When it comes to expectations for next week, Hamrick said that he is just hoping to have a good week in his professional debut. He feels that if he can keep his head down and play just one shot at a time he will be able to play well at The Olympic Club.

The rain delay in the Memphis Sectional Qualifier on Monday was a real blessing because it allowed him to catch up on his sleep after an exhausting week in the NCAA Men’s Championship and while the professionals did not like the delay, he was very happy to have it and he was able to go into the qualifier on Tuesday feeling rested and he was then able to qualify for the U.S. Open.