Hunter Mahan - March 8, 2012


Earlier this week in Miami, Morning Drive’s Erik Kuselias and World #10 Hunter Mahan met for a race in a couple of Cadillacs. If Mahan wins, Morning Drive has to have a Mahan Minute in every show for a month and if Erik wins, Mahan has to mention Morning Drive in every one of his news conferences for a month.

In the first challenge, both of them drove a Cadillac on a track around some cones with ping pong balls on the hood of the car. The fastest time would win and Erik Kuselias won the first challenge. Erik notes how he felt that Mahan would turn up the heat in the next challenge.

The next challenge was a head-to-head drag race where the fastest time would win. Erik won the second challenge to win the overall contest between the two. Although Mahan lost to Erik, Erik said that Mahan was now Morning Drive’s favorite golfer and also noted that a lot of money was raised for charity.