Hunter Mahan - November 30, 2011


Mahan is one of 18 players in the field this week for the Chevron World Challenge. He went 4-1-0 in the 2011 Presidents Cup and among his big moments was when he threw down his putter in celebration of a win. Hunter said that he had never done that before. And now that the Presidents Cup is over, he as well as every other American player has started thinking about the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah. There is definitely more pressure in a Ryder Cup than the Presidents Cup mostly due to the bigger history. The crowds are bigger at the Ryder Cup on each day of the week and if the Americans are able to relax out there, they will be able to play well and hopefully win.

It is good for the PGA TOUR and for golf to have Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy joining the PGA TOUR in 2012. The events where they play in the U.S. will have more world ranking points in 2012 which is great for everyone involved on the PGA TOUR. As for joining the European Tour, Hunter said that he has not given it much thought and although he has travelled more this year than any other year, he does not see tacking two more months of golf onto his regular season schedule.

He feels that 2011 was a good year where he experienced a lot of growth in various areas of his game and whenever you have the chance to win the FedExCup, you have had a good year. But he is looking forward to a bit of time off before starting up again in 2012. During the playoff in the TOUR Championship, he knew that Bill Haas was in trouble when he hit it in the water but he also knew that Bill had a chance from where he was to get up and down although he did not expect Haas to hit it to a foot. He tips his hat to Bill Haas for what he did and does not have any regrets because he did not lose the tournament, Bill won it.

Oklahoma State has had a good year and it is unfortunate that they lost to Iowa State because it does not look like they will make the BCS title game. The only chance they have is if they blow out Oklahoma this week with Alabama off and Hunter thinks that that is a definite possibility. If they can leave BCS voters with a good impression, anything can happen. He does not remember if Oklahoma State has ever had a team like this so if they are able to somehow make the BCS title game, that would be bigger than the end of the NBA lockout or if the Dallas Cowboys make the Super Bowl although all three are great.