Jack Peter - May 6, 2012


Jack Peter is the Chief Operating Officer of the World Golf Hall of Fame who will be inducting its class of 2012 on Monday night. The induction ceremony will air that night on Golf Channel at 10PM ET. When asked if the class of 2012 is the best class in recent memory, Peter said that he was not sure about that but he was sure that this is one of the best classes.

Phil Mickelson is being inducted while still an active player on the PGA TOUR and Peter said that the World Golf Hall of Fame is always looking at its qualifications in an effort to keep them relevant. Peter mentioned that in a few years, the return of golf to the Olympic Games may require the Hall to revise some categories. The World Golf Hall of Fame seeks to stay relevant in a golf world that is constantly changing.

They will release the 2013 ballots in June and a number of players who were on the 2012 ballot including Fred Couples will likely be on this year’s ballot as well. When it comes to new players, we will all find out next month.

It is very special to get to work with the inductees and their families on a personal basis in preparation for the induction ceremony. Peter Alliss is just one example of an inductee who is overwhelmed by the size and scope of the World Golf Hall of Fame and the ceremony. So many inductees over the years have been overwhelmed in the same way. 

A few years ago, the World Golf Hall of Fame had all four of the trophies from Bobby Jones’ 1930 Grand Slam year and as a fan of trophies, Peter feels that this collection of four was the collection of memorabilia that has ever been in the World Golf Hall of Fame at any time.

When it comes to Monday’s ceremony, he is most looking forward to all of the emotion that will come from the inductees and the audience as well. It will be a moment where the golf world will pause for one day and reflect how these five inductees have contributed to the game of golf and what they have accomplished to earn their places in the World Golf Hall of Fame.