Jack Snead - March 15, 2012


Jack Snead is the son of the late Sam Snead who along with Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson is being profiled by GolfChannel.com in its weeklong series 1912: A Year That Changed the Game. He said that he and his family have always been proud to be connected with Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson. His father Sam and Ben Hogan were very good friends and after Hogan passed away in 1997, Snead was visibly affected by the passing of his friend and they were much closer than many people think.

Jack is not sure why his father was not a fan of keeping his trophies and various other memorabilia around his house. Sam hardly ever bragged about his success although one time he noted how wonderful of a feeling it was to walk onto the first tee and at his best, be able to know that he would beat every other player in the field. He was known for his power off the tee and that is how he got the nickname of Slammin’ Sam Snead.

The first time he lost the U.S. Open, he thought he had to birdie the 18th hole to win based on incorrect information from his caddie and he went on to play poorly and lose. Although he lost other opportunities to win the U.S. Open, that first loss stuck with him until the day he died.

Jack had a wonderful relationship with his father and something that many people did not know was the great generosity that Sam showed to many people in his hometown. When his high school football team had poor uniforms, he bought new uniforms for the team and when they won the state championship, he bought rings for every member of the team.