Jane Pauley - September 14, 2012


Jane Pauley is a broadcast journalist and a contributor to the Today Show on NBC for the AARP. Her feature, “Your Life Calling,” is about people who pursue their dreams and celebrate life after turning 50 and she recently profiled Champions Tour player Michael Allen. Last spring, she read about Michael Allen who had never won on the PGA TOUR but had won on the Champions Tour. She was fascinated by how Allen had taken his life and his career to a new level after the age of 50 following a PGA TOUR career where he played pretty well but never won. She is very excited about the feature.

When asked how often she plays golf, she said that she began playing when she was 45 but her first golf swing was covered by 3 cameras. During an interview with Bill Murray, they were on the golf course and Murray knew that she had never played so Murray wanted to see Pauley make a golf swing.

Allen was interviewed for the feature in Endicott, New York during the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open. When Pauley arrived, Allen was not on the first page of the leaderboard. But as the tournament progressed, he climbed up the leaderboard and he said that being off of the first page gave him the inspiration to play well.