Jason Kokrak - October 18, 2011


Kokrak has won twice in the last five weeks on the Nationwide Tour and will play on the PGA TOUR in 2012. That fact has not really hit him yet and he does not think it will until after the Nationwide Tour Championship. Playing on the PGA TOUR has been a dream of his since he was a kid and he is excited about getting to play Pebble Beach for the first time. His game really hit the ground running in Utah and then he won in Boise and now he has added a win in Miami. Everything is just going well with his game right now. He does not know what to expect next year as it has been such a quick transition from mini tours to just 14 starts on the Nationwide Tour and now he is going to the PGA TOUR. He will get to go from beautiful place to beautiful place and it is a dream come true. Boise, Idaho is an example of a city where the Nationwide Tour takes over the town. All of the fans and volunteers make the atmosphere very special and it is among his favorite events that he has ever had the chance to play in.