Jason Sobel - June 21, 2012


GolfChannel.com Senior Writer Jason Sobel is in Cromwell, Connecticut this week for the Travelers Championship. This morning, he will be following the group of Ryo Ishikawa, Patrick Cantlay, and John Peterson – a trio of young guns – beginning at 8:29AM ET. At 23, Peterson is the old man of the group and got into the field this week thanks to his T4 finish in the U.S. Open. While Peterson is the oldest, he has the most to play for this week as he has no status on any tour this year. Patrick Cantlay is making his professional debut this week on the course where he shot 60 in 2011. Ishikawa is employing a local caddie who knows his way around the course instead of his own caddie in an effort to gain an advantage over the rest of the field.

The 296-yard 15th hole seems like an easy par 4 but it is more difficult than many might think. There is water on the left and Bubba Watson has said that the hole is too short for his driver and too long for his 4-wood so he will likely hit driver there and see what happens. The design of the green at 15 also makes wedge shots difficult so while it may not seem like a tough hole on the scorecard, it definitely shows its teeth once players arrive to the tee.

It is Women’s Day at the Travelers Championship today and 500 women will be attending the tournament today starting with a breakfast and followed by a tour of the golf course and the on-site Golf Channel studios. There will also be a lunch featuring actress Bridget Moynahan as a speaker. The Travelers Championship as well as other events on the PGA TOUR hold a Women’s Day during tournament week as an effort to reach out to women as well as promote the tournament in the community.

In his second visit to Thursday’s Morning Drive, Sobel began by saying that he spent some of the day on Wednesday following J.B. Holmes’ pro-am group that included Ahmad Rashad and Bill Murray. Sobel joked that he and Bill Murray are close to becoming good friends before showing how Murray ignored him all day long during the pro-am. Holmes’ group actually won the pro-am and Sobel said that he called Murray and somehow, someway Murray did not return the call.

Bill Murray is a very good player and at times he certainly plays much better than his 12 handicap. It was very hot in Connecticut on Wednesday and Holmes’ group won as all of the players in the group seemed to play much better than their handicaps. Sobel is not exactly sure what that means.