Jason Sobel - June 8, 2012


Tiger Woods equaled Jack Nicklaus’ mark of 73 PGA TOUR wins last week and he feels that it is inevitable that he will pass Sam Snead’s all-time record of 82 wins and the only question that remains is when he will record his 83rd win. Tiger only needs 10 more wins on the PGA TOUR and while there are no such thing as locks in golf, Sobel has no doubt that Tiger will pass Snead in all-time wins.

Sobel likes the USGA’s decision putting Tiger Woods with Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson for the first two rounds of the U.S. Open. The dynamic of the trio will be interesting to watch because Tiger and Phil are rivals and not the best of friends while Bubba Watson is the X-factor in terms of his personality and style of play.

Just because a golfer is successful one week does not mean that he or she will be successful the next week. Tiger Woods had a great week at Muirfield Village but that does not mean that he is now THE favorite at The Olympic Club and Sobel wonders when people will figure this out. Another reason for this dynamic is that the U.S. Open is so different from any other tournament and while a player can gain confidence from a win, it does not make his task at the U.S. Open any easier especially with the amount of talent and parity in the game of golf today.

Phil Mickelson played a practice round at The Olympic Club on Thursday wearing shorts and while Sobel feels that he and any other players can wear what they like during practice rounds, he personally would not wear shorts on the course with cameras around. Because of his withdrawal from the Memorial Tournament last week due to fatigue, Mickelson is in a position to win back fans who may have disagreed with his decision to withdraw after the first round. If Phil can have a great week at The Olympic Club, people will forget about what he did at the Memorial Tournament.

In his second visit to Friday’s Morning Drive, Sobel began by saying that his favorite story from U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying was Casey Martin although the Dennis Miller story is also very inspirational when you consider how many times he has gone through qualifying. But the fact that Casey Martin will be playing in the U.S. Open at The Olympic Club after playing there in 1998 with the whole cart issue makes Martin possibly the story of the year so far in his opinion.

The best thing about the Dennis Miller story is his look. Dennis is a teaching pro in Ohio and while many teaching pros look like they should be on the PGA TOUR, Dennis definitely does not and when you consider his game, background, and look, he is a great story.