Jay Don Blake - September 20, 2011


Blake ended a 20 year winless drought with his win in the Songdo IBD Championship in South Korea on the Champions Tour. His last win was in the 1991 Farmers Insurance Open on the PGA TOUR. He feels that golf has become popular worldwide and it would help grow the game worldwide if the Champions Tour as well as other tours played more events abroad. In the last 20 years, he has been close on a number of occasions but he had not been able to win. At times it got so bad that he would put so much pressure on himself that he was ultimately unable to win. But when momentum is in your favor, you are able to build on good events and in this case he was able to withstand a five hole playoff and win on the Champions Tour. He is a family man and it was harder early in his career when he was simultaneously trying to develop his career while developing his family. It was hard having to miss events in his children’s lives but now that he has grandchildren he is able to see them grow up. He has had a mustache for many years and people have joked with him that if he shaved it off he would look too young. Years ago, Playboy magazine was one of his sponsors and at the time, he was dating the woman who would become his wife and they talked it over and she felt that it would be a great opportunity. It was a business deal and it ended up benefitting everyone. He did end up going to a few parties at the Playboy Mansion and he did wear silk pajamas when he was there. He said that one of the things he hoped to do if he won was come on Morning Drive.