Jay Feldman - November 16, 2011


Feldman is the Executive Director of Beyond Pesticides which works to warn citizens about the negative effects of pesticides as well as offer alternatives to pesticide use. The dangers when it comes to pesticides on the golf course are broad as these substances are toxic. As a result, the side effects are both short term and long term and impact many different parts and systems of the human body. Environmentally, pesticides can impact the reproductive cycles of animals in the area as well as the quality of water, air, and soil. There can also be residual effects on those nearby the golf courses. He feels that there is a great opportunity to improve the quality of golf courses and as a result the life around them by creating systems that will improve the management of these spaces. When you break down all of the areas that are impacted and then find ways to improve these areas, you are then able to have a better overall impact. He feels that indigenous grasses that are native to specific areas are more conductive to care without the use of pesticides than even the newer strains of grasses.