Jeff Freeman - November 22, 2011


Freeman was the Medalist in the Champions Tour Q-School and since he is 49, he will not be able to start his Champions Tour career until April 15th when he turns 50. It is going to be hard to not being able to play despite earning full exempt status. He would certainly like to win in 2012 but he knows that he will be behind the 8 ball as he will have to miss some early events although he feels that if he can get hot, winning is a definite possibility.

His Dad was caddying for him and his brother Robin was there as well as a player and he finished tied for 9th. It was very nervewracking because he was playing for his livelihood and he loves to play golf.

What he has accomplished has yet to sink in as it was so incredible that he is going to be able to pursue his dream on the Champions Tour after having played on the PGA TOUR and Nationwide Tour in his professional career. He will continue to teach at Country Club of Orlando (FL) prior to turning 50 but he will also practice more.

He has been watching the Champions Tour a lot more often over the past year or so. He will have to focus on his short game in preparation for the Champions Tour as he considers himself a straight hitter of  the ball. He played with fellow graduate Gary Hallberg on the Nationwide Tour and Hallberg helped to make him feel more relaxed. It was also a lot of fun to talk with Bobby Clampett at Champions Tour Q-School.