Jeff Klauk - September 12, 2012


Jeff Klauk is making his return to professional golf this week in the Albertsons Boise Open on the Tour. It is his first start in over a year as he has undergone brain surgery in an effort to stop his seizures. Klauk is a 2-time winner on the Tour.

He said that he feels great right now and he is very excited to be back on the course and playing golf tournaments. He has had a couple of brain surgeries over the last year and a half and each time he has had to take a great deal of time away from golf and many other things in order to recover.

When he began having seizures, he had to stop driving and he began to see neurologists who determined that there were areas of the brain that were creating the conditions for seizures. He had one surgery but decided not to have a second one because it was too risky and could have impacted his motor skills. After a great deal of recovery time, he feels like a teenager again because he is able to drive.

While he is not aware of any issue with the PGA TOUR in relation to the medications that he has to take to avoid seizures, he is aware of a lot of the side effects that are involved and he will have to live with those issues for the rest of his life but it is a lot better than dealing with seizures. He is very thankful for the wonderful friends and family in his life who have helped him recover from the surgery.

He is going to take a week off next week and then he plans to play a few more events on the Tour before going to Q-School. He will 8 tournaments on the PGA TOUR in 2013 to try to earn his PGA TOUR card but he hopes that a strong Q-School performance will make those 8 tournaments unnecessary. He has been working with his swing coach and he is very encouraged by the progress that has been made.